The Blackhall brand was created in the late 1970s and for over thirty years this brand has maintained its’ ethos of working hard to satisfy client needs in all areas – time, cost and quality.


Our management team have operated within both the private and public sectors of commercial and residential projects in a variety of roles – designer, contractor and client on a variety of award winning construction projects ranging from £1000 to £100 million.

Whether you appoint our team to manage your preferred contractors or provide an all trades turnkey service you can rest assured we will be 100% on your side to make sure your vision is realised. Hard working, time and cost conscious; we listen to clients and designers but also make sure our point is put across if it benefits the end result.

Ross Young


Blackhall Development is headed up by Ross. Ross has overall responsibility for all projects from inception to completion. A fully qualified Engineer with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of construction (client, consultant and contractor) Ross uses this previous experience to ensure that his company produces the highest standards when upgrading, refurbishing and developing a clients property.


Kenneth Campbell

Site Supervisor

Kenny’s responsibilities lie in making sure the various sites are operating efficiently. Assisting Davie and Douglas, Kenny ensures all materials are ordered on time and delivered at the required times. Kenny’s role within the company means he is split 50/50 between site activity and administrative duties.


Lyndsay Young

Office Manager

Lyndsay is responsible for the effective running of the Hanover Street office and all its goings on. Responsible for the office based tasks including payroll, supplier accounts and invoicing, Lyndsay ensures that this essential part of the business is efficient and works. 

We also feel no matter the cost of the project, be its value £1,000 or £1,000,000 each project needs 100% dedication.